Raphaël Perdriau

Raphaël Perdriau

Hailing from Lyon, France, drummer Raphaël Perdriau first met “The Velvet Chameleon” at a show in Vancouver where he had played with his band, “The Film Industry”, that night. A few weeks later, Raphaël and TVC’s Adarsh Fernando ran into each other again on a bus and decided to keep in touch for a possible musical partnership. It was almost two years after that promise that Adarsh contacted Raphaël for studio sessions on his 2011 string of EPs. Raph obliged and they started their work together, bonding over their love of Japan and their common experience of being first-generation Canadian immigrants. Over the course of several days of intense rehearsals and recording, they pushed each other to the edge of exhaustion, shared many laughs too, and bottles of wine ended up being offered.

Et voilà, a friendship was born.

Raphaël is now the current drummer for The Velvet Chameleon.

Raphaël Perdriau’s Current Projects:

The Film Industry
Meow Meow