Wesley Krauss

Wesley Krauss

Wesley Krauss is a Leo nominated composer, songwriter, recording artist, and lead singer/founder of the band “Blanket Barricade”. He studied music composition and production at Langara College in Vancouver, Canada and got right to work as soon as he graduated. Just one year after completing the program he scored the music for the award winning short film “The Light Of Family Burnam” and was nominated for a Leo award for his work. He has placed music in a number of films as well as composed music for the documentary “Ballou”. He has started his own film scoring/licensing company, Logical Lunatic Music.

Wesley’s main project, Blanket Barricade, is where he has found his biggest success. Blanket Barricade’s debut album Parade Bells was released in 2012 and 7 music videos produced for the album’s singles are currently receiving major attention on youtube and across the internet. Wesley is also involved in a number of other music projects including playing guitar/piano/synth/bass and producing music with The Velvet Chameleon, producing and writing for Illumae, producing Cumulus Discord, and writing/producing for MadJesty.

Wesley Krauss’s Current Projects:

Blanket Barricade: (iT, fb, t, Yt, bc)