“I won’t feel a thing, if it helps you sleep.”

“Dandruff”, released January 2012, is the third EP in the 2011-2013 EP collection, and is the most successful release by TVC to date. Representing the Fall, the EP favours the rich natural tones and textures of the acoustic guitar, piano, and percussives. Transitioning from the edgier “Clusterfunk” EP, the title track begins with a more progressive energy and rhythm, while introducing acoustic piano and percussion. “No Luck” and “No Dice” offer short melodically-driven pieces which further strip the sound to their raw natural elements. “The Easy Life” epitomizes the central theme of the EP. Beginning with only an acoustic guitar and raw vocals, the ballad gradually involves layers of acoustic instruments to bring an explosive climax. The songwriting, performance, and engineering come together to achieve a remarkable conclusion to the EP.

Featured Artists:

Adarsh Fernando – Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Percussion (Dandruff), Producer.
Wesley Krauss – Keys.
Raphaël Perdiau – Percussion.
Marcus Luk – Percussion (The Easy Life).

Mixed and Mastered by Adarsh Fernando.

Engineered by Carlo Sepe and Ben “Jammyn” Webster.

Songs and Lyrics written by Adarsh Fernando.

Art created by Adarsh Fernando.