it started with nothing.

it started with nothing.

“it started with nothing.” is The Velvet Chameleon’s inaugural EP, released April 2011, and represents the Spring installment of the 2011-2013 EP collection. The EP invokes a strong sense of birth and emergence from the explosive title track to the four connecting movements of the feature piece, “Cherry Blossom”. The final track, “Sound of Living”, serves as a prelude to the subsequent EP release, “Clusterfunk”; reinforcing the collection’s signature theme of transition and continuation.

Featured Artists:

Adarsh Fernando – Vocals, Guitar, Producer.
Wesley Krauss – Keys, Guitar, Engineer.
Justin Seidl – Bass.
Marcus Luk – Percussion.

Mixed and Mastered by Wesley Krauss.

Songs and Lyrics written by Adarsh Fernando.

Art created by Adarsh Fernando.